Impero ensures the flexibility of deliveries and free delivery in and around Radom and Lublin area, but also to Warsaw.*

The delivery to the addresses of our Clients is quick, safe and at the selected date. Our delivery fleet consists of several delivery vehicles, thus the waiting time for the delivery is very short and the hours of the delivery can be adjusted according to your needs.
* details regarding the delivery are available from the staff at particular stores.

Principals of accepting the delivery from the currier

Each piece of goods is checked several times before sending it to the Client. Nonetheless, please get yourself acquainted with the manner of accepting the goods from the currier.
Accepting the ceramic tiles
When accepting the tiles, you should check the batch of purchased goods especially paying attention to:

  • amount of tiles (whether the quantity of the tiles is correct according with the invoice or delivery document),
  • type of tiles (whether You have receiver the appropriate purchased type of the tiles),
  • colour and size (the designations of colour and size must be the same on all the packages of the same type of tiles).

Accepting the other goods
When accepting goods other than ceramic tiles, you should check:

  • the goods in terms of mechanical damages,
  • if the goods are correct according with the delivery document.

Delivery does not include unloading of the purchased goods.

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